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YPP Manager Awarded a Churchill Fellowship


One hundred and twelve inspired Australians will travel throughout the world in 2019 as recipients of the prestigious Churchill Fellowship, offering them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit other countries and investigate inspiring practices that will benefit Australian communities.  One of those recipients is our very own YPP Manager,  Karina Chicote, who has been awarded a Churchill Fellowship sponsored by the WA Department of Communities.

Karina will travel to New Zealand, Canada & the USA to explore the mechanisms which enable effective cross-sector intervention for vulnerable children.

“In Australia, intergenerational trauma and poverty is pervasive, meaning that the community and family you’re born into often makes your life outcomes predictable. Changing this story has been the focus of our Place-based Strategy work I have been leading, including with the Youth Partnership Project."

“Place-based strategy and early intervention are not new concepts,” Karina says, “but there are few good examples in Australia where government, non-government and the community work together to provide effective, targeted, collaborative, early intervention for vulnerable children and young people, which prevents later engagement in tertiary government systems such as juvenile justice.”

How such initiatives can be adapted and scaled beyond a single community will also be a key focus of Karina’s research.  “Where there are good examples in Australia, they are often limited to one community and haven’t been effectively adapted and scaled across a state or nationally.  The Churchill Fellowship will help me understand mechanisms which enable effective cross-sector intervention for vulnerable children in these countries.”

 Karina hopes to bring this learning back, to work with the Australian government in supporting effective policy, procurement and practice, which could improve the life outcomes of the most vulnerable children in Australia.

P1040247 _small size.jpg

YPP's Recognised for Collaboration in Social Impact Measurement


The Youth Partnership Project is thrilled to have been announced as Runner Up for the Outstanding Collaboration Category of the Socail Impact Measurement Network of Australia's annual awards last night! 

We’d like to thank all our partners, but most especially our Monitoring and Evaluation Committee, which is made up of experts from across government, academia, not-for-profits and the private sector. They’ve supported us to make sense of the complex and unique context in which the YPP operates and given us the opportunity to draw on a broad range of skills to develop our monitoring and evaluation strategy. 

You can check out more info about all the awards here:


AWARD 2.jpeg

YPP Recognised for Outstanding Commitment to Collaborative Place-Based Solutions


We are delighted to share that last night we were awarded the 2018 Community Service Excellence Award for Outstanding Commitment to Collaborative Place-Based Solutions.

It was a truly amazing category & it's wonderful to see the outstanding place-based collaboration making a difference around WA.

There are so many people & partners who have given their all to make the YPP successful; who have shown ambition to dream big in the face of insurmountable challenge. Our challenge is that the injustice is easier to see than the solution. 

Our vision, is that the Youth Partnership Project makes the solution as easy to see as the injustice itself. And that in years to come we will see less money spent on prisons and more money spent on supporting communities. 

We have both a moral and economic imperative to do this better. There are kids and communities who are counting on us to work with them to get this right, it’s our responsibility to not let them down. 


JAMIE ARM-community-award-2_CP.jpg

AYIP Coordinator Recognised for Going Above & Beyond


We are #SoProud of our Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership Coordinator, Jamie Barr, who is also a finalist in the 2018 Community Service Excellence Awards. 

Jamie's nomination is in the "Above & Beyond" category, which truly reflects his passion and dedication for young people and the work of the Youth Partnership Project

We are thrilled that Jamie has been recognised for his extraordinary work! 


YPP Announced as a Finalist for Community Services Excellence Awards


We are delighted to have been announced as a finalist in the 2018 Community Services Excellence Awards! The YPP have been working hard to develop a new model of early intervention for young people at-risk, to collaboratively support them and their families to thrive in their community.

We're proud that our commitment to collaborative place-based solutions has been recognised & looking forwards to celebrating with all our friends from the community services sector on Wednesday afternoon.

Holiday Prog..jpg

AYIP School Holiday Program


Today is the start of the third Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership School Holiday Program.  AYIP's school holiday program provides an intensive & engaging setting where young people can build strong relationships with youth workers. These relationships form the basis on which AYIP Partners will help young people access further support throughout the year.  

You can find out more about how the School Holiday Program fits into the YPP's Youth Intervention Partnership Model here.

-YPP Feedback for WA Youth Stratergy..png

YPP Input for WA Youth Stratergy


The Youth Partnership Project was pleased to provide feedback to the WA Minister for Youth on the development of a WA Youth Strategy this week. You can see our feedback here.

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YPP goes to Canberra


The Youth Partnership Project is excited to be spreading the #ChangeTheStory in Canberra this week!

We are presenting our Youth Intervention Partnership Model at the Australian & New Zealand Society of Criminology Conference.

Additionally, we will be meeting with some of our nation’s leaders at Parliament House about our plans to change the story for young people.

Mick Gooda 2.jpg

YPP catches up with Mick Gooda


This week, we had the chance to catch up with Mick Gooda about the YPP & the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory.  We exchanged stories from our work and from young people who gave evidence to the Royal Commission, and reflected on what this means for our sector.

We emphasised the importance of targeted early intervention which provides holistic support, and how it can prevent young people from needing to engage with tertiary services such as juvenile detention & child protection.   This is how we can Change the Story for our young people. 



Youth Intervention Partnership Model Launched


Over the past six months, the YPP Team have been working to document our Youth Intervention Partnership (YIP) Model.  This model is our solution to support our most vulnerable young people by rethinking the service system and changes the way it operates.

The YIP model enables a cross-sector of partners to move beyond programs with isolated impact, to a collaborative approach with a common goal. It is premised on the theory that if we get the right support, to the right young people, at the right time, we will not only create significant savings in expenditure on tertiary services but, more importantly, young people will thrive in their communities.

This is the first edition of the YIP Model, which has documented the process and leanings of the YPP's Youth Intervention Partnership pilot in Armadale to date, and has been reviewed by YPP & AYIP Partners, as well as external reviewers. Whilst the partnership has been developing over some years, this financial year will be the first with dedicated resourcing to implement the model. As we move to resourced implementation, we will continue to develop, refine, and importantly, build evidence; and expect to add to and revise this model into the future.  

You can download a copy of the YIP Model here.



Co-Design Phase 2: Co-Designing AYIP Education Program


Today we were excited to host our  workshop kicking off the co-design of the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership's Education Program, due to commence in Term 1 next year. A big thank you to all the wonderful individuals who provided such valuable expertise in their contributions today!

We are really excited to start putting together this program for our young people, and can't wait to see what the next phases of this co-design brings!


YPP Meets with Federal Indigenous Health Minister, Hon. Ken Wyatt


Today YPP Manager Karina Chicote & Save the Children State Manager Juan Larrañaga met with Hon Ken Wyatt, Federal Minister for Indigenious Health, talking about the Youth Parternship Project, Change the Story Report and the Aramdale Youth Intervention Partnership.


Ross Wortham announced as new YPP Executive Committee Chair


We are pleased to announce Ross Wortham as the new Chairperson of the Youth Partnership Project Executive Committee!

Ross is the Chief Executive Officer of the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about the WA Youth sector, social policy and collaboration. He has been a member of the YPP Executive Committee representing YACWA for the last year.

If Ross looks extra familiar, that might be because prior to moving to YACWA in 2016, he was the YPP Program Manager coordinating our backbone organisation at Save the Children.

We’d like to congratulate Ross on his appointment and look forwards to working closely with him in this role.

Change the Story 2017-69.jpg

Neil Kegie finishes 3 year term as YPP Chair


Yesterday, the YPP Executive Committee farewelled Neil Kegie as Chairperson after a 3 year term.

Neil has made a significant contribution to the Youth Partnership Project in this time, and was an integral part of the working group which led to the YPP being established. He’s consistency, courage and tenacity has played a significant part in making this project as successful as it has been. We thank him for all he has done, and look forwards to his ongoing support of the project.

We'll be announcing the new Youth Partnership Project chairperson in the coming days, so stay tuned!

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Change the Story Report in Federal Parliment


Earlier this week, Matt Keogh, Federal Member for Burt, spoke about our Change The Story Report and Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership.

He also spoke about the need to #ChangeTheStory told by the media & community about Armadale & Gosnells.

You can watch his speech here


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YPP gets a shout-out in the Senate


Today Senator Sue Lines gave us a shout-out in the senate! You can watch a snippet of it here.

Thanks Senator Lines for speaking out about the importance of the Youth Partnership Project's early intervention work for Youth Justice.


AYIP Change the Story.jpg AYIP Buti Roberts WAPOL 2 c.jpg

$800,000 Funding for Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership


Police Minister, Hon. Michelle Roberts, today announced $800,000 of WA Police funding to support the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership's targeted early intervention work with young people with complex needs. This investment by WA Police in early intervention will go a long way in changing the story for young people on the juvenile justice trajectory.

In 2016, locking up young people from Armadale cost tax-payers $8.2 million, what we are doing hasn’t been working. By investing in early intervention, we will ensure that the most vulnerable young people in the community will get the right support at the right time. This will not only support these young people to engage back in to education and thrive in their community, but will provide significant cost savings


YPP Launches the Change the Story Report


The YPP set out with one goal: to create better solutions for WA's most vulnerable young people. And so we have thought big, and tested local - gathering over 500 people help to come up with a solution to #ChangeTheStory.

The Change the Story Report is our solution to make a better future of WA's most vulnerable young people. 

Now we need to work together to make change happen.

Download your copy of the report here.

Keogh 2.png

YPP as an example of intensive early intervention for Australia


Today Federal MP, Matt Keogh pointed to the YPP as an example for the country to follow while debating the Federal Approproation Bills in Canberra. You can view his speech here.

"If, instead of being turned away and referred elsewhere, complex needs were recognised and put into pathways for enhanced assistance, many, many Australians who currently find themselves bounced around services, ...would instead be turning their lives around.

"This is not just a theory, an idea; it is something that is being demonstrated in my part of the world, in Armadale, in the electorate of Burt, through a partnership project, the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership. This is a more focused program than what I am talking about broadly, but it is a proof of concept that, if you intensively assist someone with complex needs—in this case, those that are at risk of criminal behaviour and detention—you can help them turn their lives around and become contributors, even mentors to others. The amazing thing is that you can do this—you can change their story—in 12 short months. As a back-of-the-envelope sort of calculation for everyone to bear in mind, it costs over $350,000 per annum to keep one young person in juvenile detention in Western Australia. Where a program like AYIP results in just one person changing their story so that they do not find themselves sentenced but rather are contributing to society, that is a huge saving to make. And, of course, it is not just one person that has benefited from this program; there are many and all of those around them.

"The work of the Armadale partnership project, and the Armadale Youth Intervention Program in particular, is actually amazing as a proof of concept, but it is only a proof of concept. The point is that it has provided that proof and we should be taking this approach and expanding it to assist people with many different complex needs. We need to do this not only because it is the right thing to do for those individuals but because it will make our whole community better when done right."

Matt 4.png

#ChangeTheStory Campaign hits federal parliament


The call to #ChangeTheStory has gone all the way to Canberra! Earlier today Matt Keogh raised the issue (and the sign) in Parliament.

"Stop the sniggering treatment of Armadale, and #ChangeTheStory to one of hope"
You can watch the video of Matt Keogh's statement here.


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December Email Update Now Available!


Our December update is now avaliable! Hear about the all our recent news including awards, advocacy, information sharing, shared definitions and more!

If it isn't in your inbox already, check it out at this link & make sure you sign up! 


Defining Young People with Complex Needs


The Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership identified that there is no consistent definition and/or process across Government departments for identifying young people at risk of juvenile offending or becoming Prolific Priority Offenders (PPO’s). This creates a significant challenge in identifying the right young people which should be provided with targeted early support to prevent this trajectory into juvenile offending.

In order to address this, the YPP Team and Executive Committee has developed a cross-departmental definition of young people at risk of entering the juvenile justice system, which will help ensure our partnership provides targeted support to the right young people.

You can find our definition, and an explanation of our methodology and rationale on our website or by clicking here

Untitled.png Untitled.png

Aboriginal Youth Investment Reform - Implementation Leadership Group Presentation


On the 24th of November, the YPP team presented to the Aboriginal Youth Investment Reform Implementation Leadership Group. The Youth Partnership Project is a showcase site for the reform, and the presentation aimed to share how the YPP is practically implementing the prioirties and principles of the reform; taking a place-based collaborative approach to drive improved outcomes for Aboriginal young people and increase effectiveness of government expenditure. This included the work of the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership 'proof point project', aligning this work to the relevant cross-sector department strategies,  co-design and developing a shared definition of young people requiring targeted support. In addition, we discussed the disaggragated need and service mapping we have underway (to be released early in the new year). Since the meeting we have been in discussions with colleagues in the reform demonstration sites, to ensure there is cross learning. 


Commissioner for Children & Young People's Youth Justice Report


Last week, we attended the launch of the Commissioner for Children and Young People's "Speaking Out About Youth Justice" report. It was great for us to see lots of synergies between the key themes in the CCYP's report and the outcomes of our AYIP Co-Design workshop which was held a few months ago.

Here are two figures; one from the CCYP report and one from the AYIP Co-Design Workshop. You can see the similarities!

We are looking forwards to working further with Commissioner for Children and Young People on how we can best use this information to develop better early intervention frameworks for youth which are collaborative and informed by the voices of young people.

You can find the CCYP Report here:

You can find the AYIP Co-Design Report here:


YLR Member Finalist for Australian Human Rights Commission Young Person's Human Rights Medal


We are so proud of Danikka Calyon, announced as a finalist for Australian Human Rights Commission's Young Person's Human Rights Medal!

Danikka was nominated for her work raising awareness about a range of human rights issues facing young Australians as part of the YPP's Youth Leadership Roundtable and as an inaugural youth ambassador for Save the Children Australia. Inspiring stuff!

15241978_1141846279186710_9088556560461323678_n.jpg AYIP WA Youth Awards.jpg

Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership recognised at WA Youth Awards


We are extremely honoured to have accepted the Organisational Achievement Award (for large organisations) on behalf of the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership at the YACWA WA Youth Awards onFriday night.

This is an incredible recognition of the commitment of all our partners to work better together to ensure the most vulnerable young people in our community have every opportunity to thrive.

Established in 2015 the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership (AYIP) is a partnership between non-government and government services in the Armadale area including the City of Armadale Youth Services, Save the Children, YMCA, Hope Community Services, Mission Australia, Armadale Family Support Network and local Youth Crime Intervention Officers (YCIOs) from WA Police.

The AYIP partners attract approximately 130 young people weekly to individual programs, as well collaborating to work better together to support the high percentage of disengaged youth and high levels of youth offending in the Armadale area.


Habiba Advocating in Canberra


Habiba from the YPP'sYouth Leadership Roundtable is in Canberra with Save teh Children Australia's Youth Ambassadors, meeting with politicians about youth issues!

Today's meetings included Minister Julie Bishop, Senator Linda Reynolds , Senator Rachel Siewert, Peter Khalil and even Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull!

We'd definitely recommend checking out the Save the Children Twitter (@savechildrenaus) or Insta (savechildrenaus) - they've taught all the pollies to use Boomerang!

AYIP Oct 2016 6 v d.jpg

AYIP a finalist in WA Youth Awards


The Armadale Youth Intervention Project has been selected as a finalist for the Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia's WA Youth Awards, to be held in late November. AYIP is nominated for the Organisational Achievement Award - a category the YPP's Youth Leadership Roundtable was a finalist in last year too.

A number of the YPP's partners and friends are also nominated, including Headspace Armadale (Organisational Achievement) and Courtney Fare (Team leader for YPP & AYIP Partner, Save the Children's One Step Closer Program in the category of Community Leadership). Congratulations everyone!

See more about the finalists here!


E-Newsletter Header copy.jpg

Check your inbox for the YPP's first Email Update!


Want to keep up to date with all things YPP?  Check out our Email Update!  

If you weren't lucky enough to get the email - never fear! You can check out this months update at this link, and if you want them to arrive nearly in your inbox click on this link and provide your details.

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YPP Meets with Matt Keogh


On Friday 28th October, The YPP team met with Matt Keogh MLA, to disucss the importance of early intervention and collaboration to address youth issues

Partnership Forum Cover.jpg

YPP Referenced by Partnership Forum Youth at Risk Working Group


In May 2015, the Youth Leadership Roundtable took part in a consultation with the WA Partnership Forum Youth at Risk Working Group regarding improved methods for service providers to work effectively and efficiently with young people and their community.

In September 2016, the WA Partnership Forum Youth at Risk Working Group published their Principles for Developing Services for At Risk Young People in Western Australia, which draws on finding from the consultation with the Youth Leadership Roundtable and the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit Report to inform the development of the Guiding Principles.  

Members of the Youth Leadership Roundtable emphasised:

·         The potentially damaging impact of labelling young people as being "at risk"

·         That a common element which makes a difference in a young person’s life was people who provide strong, intensive support and "go that extra mile" is

·         Their ideal youth service would be a one-stop-shop, where a range of youth services collaborate, can be accessed & where young people feel welcome

·         The need for young people’s voices to be heard, allowing input into the development of services

·         The significant role that schools play in young people’s lives

Commuity Development Awards.jpg

Armadale Youth Intervention Project Wins Community Development Award


We are delighted to share that the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership was the winner of the Innovation category of the LGMA 2016 Community Development Awards! 

The LGMA Community Development Awards aim to formally recognise the significant contributions made by Community Development professionals across a range of organisations working in the field of community development in Western Australia, and the Innovation Award specifically  recognises demonstrated innovation by a team in the Community Development sector to deliver programs, services or community based outcomes above and beyond expectations through include partnerships, resource leveraging, or new approaches to deliver an improved outcome.

The Youth Partnership Project to proud to be a part of the great innovative work of the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership, and particularly excited for the current project we are working with AYIP on, co-designing a model for a new way of working in partnership to help support young people!

DSC_0137 - Copy.JPG

Youth Leadership Roundtable- Advocates in Our Own Rights Workshop


On Saturday, the Youth Leadership Roundtable had a workshop with Lily, Campaigns Manager from Save the Children Australia, on being advocates in their own right.  They thought about how they could advocate for change in areas they are passionate about including youth justice, education and mental health; thinking about their key messages, who they can advocate and when ideal times for action are.  Look out for these fierce young advocates, determined to change the world!

DSC_0036 - Copy.JPG

Armadale Youth Intervention Project Co-Design Workshop


On Thursday, the YPP Team ran a co-design workshop for the Armadale Youth Intervention Project. Young people who use youth services in Armadale and young leaders/advocates from the Youth Leadership Roundtable joined with service providers and youth workers to together think about the different challenges that are faced by young people, why they exist, and how we can help to support young people to overcome challenges.  

This workshop was the first part of the process of co-designing a model for a new way of working in partnership to help support young people, which will be trialled by AYIP. Look out for more on this project soon!

YACPak Logo Chuffed Size.jpg 13339632_1183037828395693_7924347100828284839_n.jpg13342953_1183040055062137_4174728412067877804_n.jpg

The 1st-Ever YACPak Leadership Camp 2016


The YACPak is a collaborative partnership between the Youth Partnership Project, Headspace, City of Gosnells & the City of Swan - and this year we held the FIRST-EVER YACPak LEADERSHIP CAMP!

The Camp brought together upcoming young leaders of Perth who all have incredible stories of struggle, hope and resilience to support and upskill them in creating innovative, sustainable ideas to improve their communities and the lives of other young people like themselves.

The Young Leaders at this Camp were young people from the following groups:
- YPP Youth Leadership Roundtable
- Headspace Youth Reference Groups
- City of Gosnell's Youth Advisory Council (GOZYAC)
- City of Swan's Youth Power

- Youth Focus Youth Reference Group


We had fantastic workshops all weekend, including a creative movement workshop with Kitsiri, YACWA CEO Ross Wortham presenting on Young Leaders as Advocates for Change, Foundation for Young Australian's YLab holding sessions on Entrepreneurship, People-Centered Design & Digital Engagement, and with Australia’s UN Youth Ambassador Chis Eigeland. 


Participants challenged themselves with adventurous activities including high ropes, orienteering, laser tag and flying fox. And of course there was plenty of time for networking, reflecting, and getting to know one another.


Our Young Leaders left full of inspiration, new ideas and extra tools to make changes in their communities, and we can’t wait to see there it all leads!




The Executive Commitee met to discuss the progress that  YPP has made and how we can continue to bring positive changes

Chp51twUYAAxyMN.jpg 13140630_615853681924822_1328607737_n.jpgChpv4fsUUAAP220.jpg

WACOSS Community Service Excellence Awards


The Youth Parntership Project is proud to be a Finalist in the 'Partnerhsips' catagory of the 2016 Community Services Excellence Awards! Karina, Chace and Habiba attended the awards ceremony on behalf of everyone inovled with the YPP.

We are also delighted that the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnerhsip (AYIP) with our friends from Save the Children, City of Armadale, Hope Community Services, YMCA & WA Police were also finalists!  The AYIP iniative is one of the excellent outcomes which developed out of the Armadale Collaborative Action Network (CAN). 


YLR Meet & Greet with the Youth Disability Advocacy Network (YDAN)


The YLR will be meeting with the members of the Youth Disability Advocacy Network (YDAN), which is a youth advocacy group being run by members who all have lived experiences with a wide range of disabilities. The YLR and YDAN will hopefully be working towards ensuring that all young people with disabilities are engaged in the work of the YPP, and that their voices are also heard in the decisions that affect their day-to-day lives. We're really excited and can't wait to work with YDAN!!!


YPP @ the 60th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 60)


Our very own Project Officer, Hannah Woodward, is currently in New York City, USA representing the World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts at the 60th Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 60) at the United Nations Headquarters. On the 17th of March, Hannah will be talking about the work of the YPP and how young people are at the forefront of catalysing the change agenda in their communities during the event 'From Rhetoric to Reality: Implementing & Monitoring the Global Goals for Girls'. Well done, Hannah!

Armadale CAN Flyer.jpg

8th Armadale Youth CAN


The first Armadale Youth CAN for 2016 will be held on the 17th March at Frye Park Pavillion, Kelmscott from 10am-12pm. The group will be moving forward with progressing their Key Actions for the year, so we really hope to see you there!


YLR Meeting & Presentation of the SPEAK OUT FOR CHANGE: YOUTH VOICES ON YOUTH ISSUES Summit Report t


The YLR will be meeting key representatives from the Public Transport Authority (PTA) to discuss their progress in ensuring that young people feel safe, and in particular, finding a way to work together in order to meet the needs of children and young people on all public transport. This is a great opportunity for the YLR, and also for PTA to build on the amazing work that they have been doing with their 'Right Track: Respect Goes Both Ways' program. 


YLR Meeting & Presentation of the SPEAK OUT FOR CHANGE: YOUTH VOICES ON YOUTH ISSUES Summit Report t


The YLR will be presenting some of the Key Youth Recommendations to the inspiring Professor Peter Klinken, who is not only an Advisor to the WA Premier but also, WA's Chief Scientist. This is an amazing opportunity for the YLR not only to talk about the work that they've been doing, but to get advice moving forward. We're very excited!


YPP Presenting @ the Community Dimension's Collective Impact Forum


The YPP will be presenting on their work so far at the first-ever Community Dimensions Collective Impact Forum hosted by Communicare at Baker's House in Harrisdale. YPP's Senior Project Officer, Anania Tagaro, and the Youth Leadership Roundtable will be at the event as part of the 'Local Collective Impact Initiatives' Session, as well as part of the Q&A Panel. Look forward to seeing you there!


Habiba Asim, Youth Leadership Roundtable to be WA Youth Rep @ the National Youth Engaged in Policy (


We're so proud to announce that our very own Habiba Asim from the Youth Leadership Roundtable has been selected as the WA Youth Representative in partnership with Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia on the National Youth Engaged in Policy (YEP) Project!!! Habiba will be travelling to Sydney next week to attend the first round of YEP Meetings. Well done Habiba! smile emoticonWell done Habiba!

This project is a collaboration between Western Sydney University, the Young and Well Cooperative Research Centre (YAW CRC), the Australian Youth Affairs Coalition (AYAC), Youth Action, YACVic, YACWA, The University of Sydney, and UBREGO - a multidisciplinary platform of young professionals from around the world, based in Europe.


YPP Presenting @ the WA Partnership Forum's 'State of the Partnership Community Event 2016'


The WA Partnership Forum invites interested members of the public and representatives of the not-for-profit and government community services sector to attend an interactive event showcasing, celebrating and exploring the challenges of partnership and collaboration in Western Australia. The Event is an opportunity to:

  • Learn about the Partnership Forum’s Strategic Directions 2016 and 2017
  • Become familiar with practical examples of innovation and co-design in community services
  • Gain insight into current government and not-for-profit community service initiatives
  • Share information and build networks

The YPP Team will be presenting on the 'Practical Implementations of Collaboration' from the YPP experience so far. Look forward to seeing you there!


YPP Executive Committee Chair, Neil Kegie Speaking @ the Local Government Managers Western Australia


The LGMA WA Community Development Network will be holding a 360 Degrees Spotlight Forum on the innovative approach of Collective Impact in creating social change in our communities.

We will be bringing together a panel of community development leaders to discuss the collective impact approach in building a common agenda within communities that creates long lasting change.

Event panelists will include:

Gail Bowman, Manager Community Development, City of Cockburn
   The Cockburn and Kwinana Connecting Community for Kids Collective Impact Initiative

Neil Kegie, Executive Manager Community Services, City of Armadale
   South East Metropolitan Youth Partnership Project

Dr Karin MacArthur, Executive Director, South West Metro Partnership Forum


YPP Senior Project Officer, Anania Tagaro speaking @ the 2016 Unconvention: Power of Boardroom Conve


The Unconvention Conversations - Engaging with Diverse Stakeholders panel session at the Unconvention: Power of Boardroom Conversations will see YPP's Senior Project Officer, Anania Tagaro, talk about her and the YPP's experiences of engaging with diverse range of stakeholders. This event is hosted by the Engaging Young Leaders on Aged Care and Community Boards program by Alyceum. 

gosnells can flyer.jpg

5th Gosnells/Canning Youth CAN


The Gosnells/Canning Youth CAN is back for 2016!!! Our first meeting for the year will be held at the Cannington Leisureplex on Wednesday 24th February from 10am-12pm. The CAN will be brainstorming on the group's key actions for the year - so hope to see you there :)


YLR @ YACWA's Youth Engaged in Policy (YEP) Co-Design Workshop


YLR Members have been selected to take part in YACWA's Youth Engaged in Policy (YEP) Co-Design Workshop to be held on Saturday 20th February at YACWA's offices here in Perth. This is an extremely exciting opportunity for the group to use their knowledge and skills from their work in advocating the Key Youth Recommendations from the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit Report. Well done guys!!!

city of gosnells.png

YLR as Panelists @ the City of Gosnells CaLD Forum on Drugs & Alcohol


The YLR and Anania Tagaro, YPP Senior Project Officer, will be Panelists at the City of Gosnells CaLD Forum on Drugs & Alcohol. Anania will be presenting the YPP and discussing the impact it has had on the community,while the YLR will be presenting their work advocating for young people's voices to be heard in developing policies and programs around 'Drugs & Alcohol' as part of the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit Report, as well as sharing their lived experiences of the issue.

This event will be at the City of Gosnells Civic Centre 2120 Albany Highway Gosnells from 9.30am-2.30pm on Thursday 18th February. We hope to see you there!

belmont CAN flyer.jpg

5th Belmont Youth CAN (w/ participation from the City of South Perth & the Town of Victoria Park)


This meeting will be the first for the Belmont Youth CAN in 2016!!! The group will reconvene on February 17 at the Training Room, City of Belmont's Youth & Family Services Building 275 Abernethy Road Cloverdale from 10am-12pm to discuss how they will be moving forward with ACTIONS this year to overcome youth needs and challenges in the area. Hope to see you there!


18th YPP Executive Committee Meeting


This will be the first YPP Executive Committee Meeting in 2016!!! The group will be reconvening to discuss how to strategically move the project forward this year, and develop ways to make the YPP's reach and influence better and stronger :) 


YLR Meeting w/ the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) CEO, Jan Owen


The YLR has the AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to meet the awesome Jan Owen, CEO of the Foundation for Young Australians. The YLR and the YPP Team will be presenting the project, as well as the great work of the YLR during this meeting, and seeing how there can be more collaborations between YPP and FYA in the future.

judge reynolds.jpg

YLR Meeting & Presentation of the SPEAK OUT FOR CHANGE: YOUTH VOICES ON YOUTH ISSUES Summit Report t


The YLR will have the incredible opportunity to meet and present the Youth Recommendations from the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit Report to His Honor Judge Denis Reynolds, Presidents of the WA Children's Court at Save the Children Offices in West Perth on Wednesday 10th of February. 

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Millennium Kids & PTA Launch the Short Film 'Right Track: Respect Goes Both Ways' @ Sevenoaks Senior


Millennium Kids and the Public Transport Authority (PTA) have teamed up and created a short film highlighting the issues young people face on Perth train lines and what is being done to address them. Taking the Youth Recommendations developed from the 'Young People & Public Transport' Workshop during the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit, the film' Right Track: Respect Goes Both Ways' shows the importance of rail safety and respect. The production gave young people the chance to become storytellers, film directors and actors telling their own stories.

The film was launched at Sevenoaks Senior College, with the majority of the Millennium Kids team being comprised of current students from the school. Catrina Luz-Aniere, Founder and Director of Millennium Kids, presented each participant with a gift and certificate acknowledging all the hard work that they have done and applauding their courage in sharing their stories.

Also during this event, Anania Tagaro YPP Senior Project Officer, officially presented the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit Report to the PTA, with hopes of further collaborations moving forward.

Well done Millennium Kids!



The Youth Leadership Roundtable is Back in Action!!!


The YLR Members have been away doing their own individual cool things over the summer holidays, but they are now back, and have a LOT of work to do!!!

The team will be having their first meeting this Saturday - so WATCH THIS SPACE!!! You'll be seeing these guys everywhere soon :)


The Youth Leadership Roundtable has a new Chairperson!!!


The YLR has voted in their new Chairperson!!! Congrats to Chace Hill, who was voted in by his peers during their first meeting in 2016. You're going to do great things, Chace!!!


YPP @ the 2016 YACWA Catalyst Youth Summit


Anania Tagaro, Senior Project Officer of the YPP, spoke as a member of the 'How do you talk to Politicians?' Panel at the 2016 YACWA Catalyst Youth Summit. Over 50 young people from CaLD and refugee/migrant backgrounds were in attendance, and are an inspiring and aspiring group of young leaders. Anania was joined on the panel by the Shadow Minister for Youth, Mr Dave Kelly, Member for Bassendean, City of Swan Councillor Adam Kovalevs and Steph Jackson, youth advocate.

The Summit will be held from February 3-5 at Edith Cowan University Joondalup Campus. 


See You Soon, Ross!!!


YPP Program Manager & Save the Children Regional Manager Perth Metro, Ross Wortham, has sadly left to commence his new and exciting role over at YACWA as their Director of Social Policy & Advocacy. Ross has been an integral and invaluable member of the YPP Team, with his leadership being instrumental to blossoming the YPP as it stands today. We will miss you, Ross, but I'm sure we will be seeing you around! 

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SPEAK OUT FOR CHANGE: YOUTH VOICES ON YOUTH ISSUES Summit Report Launch for Multicultural Community


The Youth Leadership Roundtable and the YPP Team will be holding a Multicultural Community Launch of the SPEAK OUT FOR CHANGE: YOUTH VOICES ON YOUTH ISSUES Summit Report specific to the Refugee/Migrant and CaLD community at the Lyall Richardson Hall, 2232C Albany Highway, Gosnells starting at 12pm, with lunch provided. We hope to see you and your family at this very special event!!!


YLR Meeting & Presentation of the SPEAK OUT FOR CHANGE: YOUTH VOICES ON YOUTH ISSUES Summit Report t


The YLR met and presented to Mr Lindsay Hale, Executive Director Statewide Services & Mr Martin Clery, Assistant Executive Director Statewide Services, both from the Department of Education (DoE) on the Youth Recommendations from the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit Report. 

Mr Hale and Mr Clery were very impressed with the work of the YLR and the YPP, and have asked the group to be part of ongoing consultations with them on how to improve access to education for young people deemed 'vulnerable' and 'at-risk'. 


The 1st YPP CAN Chairs Annual Review


The amazing YPP CAN Chairs from Armadale, Gosnells/Canning and Belmont met for their very first Annual Review to discuss the successes, challenges and wins for the YPP CANs across the South East Corridor of Perth in 2015. They also took this time as an opportunity to plan on how the CANs are able to grow and further develop their work and impact within the lives of young people in their respective communities moving forward into 2016.

The YPP would like to thank the Chairs on the amazing work in leading and driving the CANs to becoming effective and efficient spaces to strategically plan, coordinate, collaborate and discuss how to improve youth service delivery in their areas, and in doing so, having positive impact on the everyday lives of children, young people, families and communities.

The amazing YPP CAN Chairs for 2015:

Rebekah Milnes, Community Development Coordinator, City of Armadale 

Sally Hoad, Community Development Officer - Youth, City of Armadale (May 2015-November 2015)

Ashlee Hasson, Community Development Officer - Youth, City of Armadale (August 2014-February 2015)

Chris Woods, CCB Youth Services Coordinator, City of Gosnells

Evan Hillman, Youth & Family Services Coordinator, City of Canning

Andi Dackins, Youth & Community Projects Coordinator, City of Belmont

Neil Gallachaer, Youth & Community Projects Coordinator, City of Belmont (April 2015-May 2015)

ATSI Launch Invite.jpg



The Youth Leadership Roundtable and the YPP Team will be holding an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander specific Community Launch of the SPEAK OUT FOR CHANGE: YOUTH VOICES ON YOUTH ISSUES Summit Report at the Champion Centre, 76 Seville Drive, Seville Grove starting at 12pm, with lunch provided. We hope to see you and your family at this very special event!!!


2nd YPP Presentation to the City of Kwinana & Stakeholders


The YPP Team and the YLR will be presenting to members of the City of Kwinana and key youth service providers once again in order to share learnings, challenges and opportunities of the YPP. 

Report Cover.png



THANKYOU VERY MUCH TO EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED THIS EVENT!!! We had an amazing turnout and great support from everybody :) To sum up the day, we thought that Save the Children WA State Manager Juan Larranaga said it perfectly:

"A massive Congratulations to Ross, Nia, Hannah, Junie and the YLR for a great event yesterday launching the Youth Sector Summit report and for all their efforts that went on behind the scenes to make the day yesterday a wonderful success.

It was a wonderful moment hearing the Minister Tony Simpson in principle make a public commitment to support the project hopefully beyond the current life cycle.

It was inspiring to see the young people presenting their recommendations to the decision makers, ensuring their voices are heard on the issues affecting them and holding decision makers accountable for delivering on the changes they want to see in their communities.

And fantastic to see the report coming to life with everyone in the room engaging with the recommendations through the interactive expo panels with the YLR.

Also a special thank you to Paul Ronalds for helping to launch this important and significant report for Save the Children Australia.

What a tremendous effort and great feeling to be part of this unique and cutting edge movement.

I’m excited to see the next development in this innovative project." 


After months of diligent collating and analysing of data that we obtained directly from over 100 people during the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit, we are now finally ready to launch the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit Report!!! This event if FREE to the public, and will be attended not only by Ministers, CEOs,and other VIPs, but also by community members and previous Youth Summit Participants!

Minister for Youth Tony Simpson MLA will be opening and launching the event for us, with Save the Children Australia's CEO Paul Ronalds saying a few words, and then the YPP's Youth Leadership Roundtable will delve into presenting the report expo-style!



Armadale CAN Flyer.jpg

The 7th Armadale Youth CAN Meeting


The 7th Armadale Youth CAN will be taking place on Wednesday November 18th at Frye Park Pavilion Kelmscott. This will be the final CAN for the year, so we will not only be progressing the priority Focus Areas that we've chosen as a group, but also celebrate our achievements and successes so far, as well as look to 2016!!!

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YLR Meeting & Presentation of SPEAK OUT FOR CHANGE SUMMIT REPORT to the WA Commissioner for Children


The YLR will be presenting the Speak Out for Change Summit Report to A/Commissioner for Children & Young People, Ms Jenni Perkins and Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Ms Caron Irwin. The meeting will be hosted by CCYP at their offices in Subiaco. 

belmont CAN flyer.jpg

3rd Belmont Youth CAN Meeting


The 3rd Belmont Youth CAN Meeting will be held on Monday 16th November at the Training Room, City of Belmont's Youth & Families Services Building, 275 Abernethy Road Cloverdale. The CAN will be working towards identifying their priority Focus Areas to progress, as well as discussing possible partnerships to develop a more improved and robust school holiday program for young people in the area. 


YLR Meeting & Presentation of SPEAK OUT FOR CHANGE SUMMIT REPORT to Department of Corrective Service


The YLR will be meeting and presenting the Speak Out for Change Summit and Summit Report to Executive Director, Ms Rachael Green & Assistant Executive Director Ms Caron Irwin from the Department of Corrective Services (DCS). This event will be hosted by DCS in their Perth City offices. 

Logan Together and YPP Face-to-face meeting 20 August 2014.JPG

The 2nd YPP Director-General & Executive Level Briefing hosted by the Department of Local Government


The YPP will be presenting to Director-Generals, CEOs and other VIPs on the progress of the YPP so far. Members of the YPP Team, Youth Leadership Roundtable and Executive Committee will be presenting on various key aspects of the project, as well as our key learnings, challengs and opportunities. This event will be hosted by the Deparrment of Local Government & Communities (DLGC) at their offices in William Street, Perth.

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YLR Meeting & Presentation of SPEAK OUT FOR CHANGE SUMMIT REPORT to Minister for Youth Tony Simpson


Members of the Youth Leadership Roundtable will be meeting with Minister for Youth Tony Simpson MLA to discuss their progres on the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit and Summit Report Youth Recommendations. This meeting is being hosted by the Minister for Youth's office at Parliament House, Perth. 

gosnells can flyer.jpg

4th Gosnells/Canning Youth CAN Meeting


The 4th Gosnells/Canning Youth CAN Meeting was held on Wednesday 4th November and hosted by the City of Gosnells at the Lyall Richardson Hall. The group continued to work on their priority Focus Areas, which included:

- Increasing & Improving Education Opportunities for Young People

- Strengthen Genuine Relationships with Young People

- Greater Collaboration & Improved Partnerships within the Youth Sector

- Greater Access to Resources & Fudning that Support Collaboration for the Youth Sector

Armadale CAN Flyer.jpg

The Next Armadale Youth CAN Meeting


The 6th Armadale Youth CAN meeting will be held on Thursday 24 September from 10.00AM-12.00PM @ TBD. We have a jam-packed agenda and making some really good progress so hope to see you there!!!

gosnells can flyer.jpg

The 3rd Gosnells/Canning Youth CAN


The 3rd Gosnells/Canning Youth CAN will be held on Wednesday 23rd September at the Cannington Leisureplex. The group will continue to work on providing their inputs and feedback to the 'Regional Youth CAN Action Plan' including deciding which of the Key Focus Areas they would like to pursue and action as a group. Hope to see you there!


YPP Presentation at the SNAICC 2015 National Conference


The Youth Partnership Project will be presenting at the SNAICC 2015 National Conference on Thursday 17 September from 12.00PM-12.30PM here in Perth, WA. Speaking on behalf of the YPP will be Anania Tagaro, Senior Project Officer, and Youth Leadership Roundtable members Chace Hill, Preston Culbong & Andrew Yarran. This will be the first conference presentation for the YPP, and we're very excited!!!


Youth Leadership Roundtable Presentation to National Commissioner for Children, Megan Mitchell


The Youth Leadership Roundtable and the YPP Team presented the Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit Youth Recommendations for the first time ever to the National Commissioner for Children, Ms Megan Mitchell. Megan has been a great supporter and friend of the Youth Leadership Roundtable, and she has given her endorsement of our work and report. Thanks so much Megan!

belmont CAN flyer.jpg

The 2nd Belmont Youth CAN Meeting (w/ participation from the City of South Perth & the Town of Victo


The 2nd Belmont Youth CAN Meeting will be held on Tuesday September 15 from 9.00AM-12.00PM @ the Training Room located at the Belmont Youth & Family Services Building 275 Abernethy Road Cloverdale. We will be working on our mapping our Strengths & Assets within the community, as well as providing inputs and feedback to the 'Regional Youth CAN Action Plan'. Hope to see you there!

City of Kwinana presentation.jpg

YPP Presentation to the City of Kwinana (Local Government, NGOs, Government Departments)


The YPP Team and members of the Youth Leadership Roundtable presented the Youth Partnership Project and shared our successes, challenges and learnings with members of the City of Kwinana, partners NGOs, and key government departments working within the community. This group in Kwinana is looking at developing and implementing their own Collective Impact initiative to address youth issues in the area. Thanks so much for having us!

1st meeting belmont.jpg

1st Belmont Youth CAN (with participation from the City of South Perth & the Town of Victoria Park)


The 1st Belmont Youth CAN (with participation from the City of South Perth & the Town of Victoria Park) will take place on Wednesday 5th August, 10.00am-12.00pm at Centenary Park Community Centre. We look forward to meeting and collaborating with youth workers, community members, youth leaders and other individuals working directly with young people within the Belmont/South Perth/Victoria Park area to see how we can improve youth service delivery in that region.

1st meeting.jpg

1st Gosnells/Canning Youth CAN


The Gosnells/Canning Youth Collaborative Action Network (CAN) was recently launched on Wednesday 22 July 2015, at the Cannington Leisureplex. Many thanks to Chris Woods from the City of Gosnells and Evan Hillman from the City of Canning - who are the Co-Chairs of the CAN - for their hard work and support in getting the group up and running in the Gosnells/Canning area.


Social Investment Initiative Working Group


The YPP and YLR Members, Preston Culbong & Chace Hill, are a part of a community initiative campaign to raise awareness to whole of Government on the essential need to reform the justice system in WA. The working group seeks to advocate a reduction in number of contacts that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face with the criminal justice system, and demand whole of Government to address the deeply-rooted causes of these contacts. The working group focuses on influencing community, policy and political change, as well as gaining support from influential decision-makers in WA. The Steering Committee is currently comprised of a diverse amount of representatives of Aboriginal, humanitarian, legal, and community agencies. The committee invites members to join the campaign to get involved in various roles of advocacy, ambassadorship, philanthropy, policy, financing, and administration.


Orygen National Centre for Excellence in Youth Mental Health


The Youth Leadership Roundtable has been invited by Orygen National Centre of Excellence in Youth Mental Health to speak at their Whole of Staff Meeting in Melbourne on 16th of June 2015. Orygen has approached Preston Culbong, an Aboriginal young male, to share his lived experiences with mental health and the issues Aboriginal young people face regarding this illness. The organization seeks to better understand the issues Aboriginal young people face with mental health and talk about the meaning of reconciliation.


Suicide Prevention Steering Committee


The Youth Leadership Roundtable has been approached by the Mental Health Commission to sit on a steering committee for youth engagement for the recently launched Suicide Prevention 2020: Together we can save lives in WA. The youth forum will address the six key areas State Government has put in place to address this alarming issue within young people in WA. The Mental Health Commission has established a Youth Engagement Strategy to provide a youth voice and a strategic direction to address the key areas of suicide prevention. Courtney Lyon will be sitting in the youth forum for the duration of the implementation of the Youth Engagement Strategy.

ypp-video-1.jpg ypp-video-2.jpg

YPP Video


The YPP Video was created by the Youth Leadership Roundtable members' vision of portraying a clear, interactive and animated film of the project’s goals and aspirations, as well as the current lives of young people. The members of the Youth Leadership Roundtable circulated a prospectus of the video amongst themselves, in which a couple members participated in the audio recording of the video in partnership with Myriad Images. The group also had the opportunity to showcase their creativity in the making of the sand animation of the movie with Steve Aiton. Part of their creative animation session involved a trip down the Armadale train line to accompany Steve in getting a feel of the storyline they envisioned.


Partnership Forum Youth At-Risk Working Group


The Youth Leadership Roundtable members were invited by Department of Premier and Cabinet's Partnership Forum Youth At-Risk Working Group as a consultation session regarding improved methods for service providers to work effectively and efficiently with young people and their community. The consultation was hosted by Debra Zanella (CEO of Hope Community Services and Executive Committee member of the YPP) and Sue Widderick (Department for Child Protection and Family Support) who shared dialogue with the members of the YLR and gained their perspectives on youth services and programs. The session covered topics regarding individualized and flexibility of services, community and family involvement, the roles of schools and education and more. A significant outcome of the consultation session was young people's recommendations on the importance of language when working with young people. The members emphasised the need to shift the language from negative labeling and associations of the term ‘at-risk’ to setting high expectations of positive development and support for young people.


'Turning Point' Film


A film produced by Periscope Pictures in partnership with YPP and City of Gosnells, 'Turning Point' is a documentary on the lives of three young people living in the Southeast Corridor of Perth. The film illustrates the young people’s daily challenges and complexities by exploring certain factors that drive young people to ‘hang out in the streets’ and engage in ‘anti-social behaviour’. Throughout the documentary, the young people share their personal journeys, their struggles and their inspiration for turning their lives around.

summit-1.jpg summit-2.jpgsummit-3.jpgsummit-4.jpgsummit-5.jpg

The Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues Summit


The YPP participated in a Youth Sector Summit for National Youth Week on 15th of April 2015. The Youth Summit Speak Out for Change: Youth Voices on Youth Issues was a youth-to-youth consultation workshop facilitated by the members of the Youth Leadership Roundtable. On the day of the Youth Summit, there were 16 workshops in which young participants shared their views and opinions on topics such as youth justice, access to education, employment, teen parenting, young people with disabilities, violence, mental health, sexual identity, culture, racism and discrimination, transportation and more. The Youth Summit also involved key government officials, not-for-profits and local governments who attended the event by observing and listening to recommendations on improving the community by supporting young people in their path to development for a promising future.

dgb-1.jpg dgb-2.jpg

YPP Director Generals Briefing hosted by the Department of Local Government & Communities (DLGC)


The YPP team and Youth Leadership Roundtable started off strong in 2015! Jennifer Matthews, Director General of the Department for Local Governments and Communities, invited us to present the project's learnings and outcomes of the first six months of the project, and the next steps the project planned to undertake. The presentation was given to senior staff from across Western Australian Government agencies. Other attendees included community sector representatives and peak bodies.


Aboriginal Youth Services Investment Priorities and Principles


The Department of Premier and Cabinet has undergone a policy reform on Aboriginal Youth Services Investment Priorities and Principles to better invest in Aboriginal youth services and programs in order to increase effective delivery of service to enhance the outcomes for Aboriginal young people. The YPP and the Chairwoman of the Youth Leadership Roundtable, Jenna Woods, have been invited to sit on the Implementation and Leadership Group to guide policy makers in effectively implementing the policy, and ensuring the priorities and principles remain consistent in improving the outcomes for Aboriginal young people. This group is currently meeting on a regular basis.

ylr-1.jpg ylr-2.jpg

The Beginning of the Youth Leadership Roundtable


The Youth Leadership Roundtable is the ‘youth voice’ of the YPP. The group is comprised of 13 young people aged 16-25 years of age predominately from Aboriginal and CaLD background, and active leaders in their community. The group began in November 2014.

cans-1.jpg cans-2.jpg

1st Armadale Youth CAN


The Armadale Youth CAN was launched in November 2014. The group has been meeting bi-monthly to the Armadale Youth Network since then. The CAN is currently being Chaired by Sally Hoad, Community Development Officer - Youth, from the City of Armadale.

launch-1.jpg launch-2.jpg

YPP Launch @ Champion Centre


The Youth Partnership Project launched on the 23rd of July 2014 hosted by Youth Minister Tony Simpson at the Champion Centre in Armadale. The Mayor of City of Armadale, Henry Zelones, opened the ceremony with a speech to mark the beginning of a wider community partnership to enhance the lives and well-being of the most vulnerable children and young people in the Southeast Corridor of Perth. The event was followed by some didgeridoo and games to which young people had the great opportunity to shoot hoops with Minister Simpson and the Mayor Zelones.


YPP Meets with WA Chief Justice


Today Karina Chicote & Juan Larrañaga meet with the Hon. Chief Justice Wayne Martin to share our idea of how we can make a better future for WA's most vulnerable young people. He agreed that it is time to change the story for WA's most vulnerable young people.