The YPP’s Collaborative Action Networks (CANs) were the operational elements of the project when it was first established.   The CANS were designed to provide an intentional space to build stronger relationships between local service providers, to ensure programs are complementary and mutually beneficial; whilst also reducing duplication and identifying where there are critical gaps. The Youth CANs also provided a platform for advocacy on community trends, systemic barriers to services provision and a clear avenue to voice key learnings to a strategic level.

The Collaborative Action Networks were an ‘intended strategy’ of the YPP, however this evolved over time into a focus on the Youth Intervention Partnership Model in Armadale, which was perused more deliberately.

Though the YPP’s focus is now on the implementation of the Youth Intervention Partnership Model in Armadale, CANs are now used to build the pre-conditions of successful collective impact; bringing stakeholders together to understand community opportunities and challenges, develop a sense of urgency for working in new and different ways and develop relationships between key stakeholders.