Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership

For the past 2 years, we’ve been trialling an innovative approach to preventing youth offending in Armadale.  However, innovation requires investment, and without ongoing operational funding we have no choice but to wind-up the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership (AYIP). 

 We’re proud of what we have achieved & are convinced this approach is the way forwards. We’ve harnessed an opportunity to bring the YPP to the City of Gosnells in 2020, and hope we’ll be operating again in Armadale soon. 

In 2016 the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership (AYIP) was adopted by the YPP as the ‘proof point project’ demonstrating how a targeted, collaborative and place-based approach, with purposely resourced backbone leadership, can support better outcomes for young people with complex needs an early intervention model which aims to act as the interface between the youth justice system and the community to prevent the need for tertiary engagement.  

AYIP sought to provide the right young poeple, the right support, at the right time, in order to prevent and reduce engagmenet wth the youth justice system through: 

  1.     1) Collaboritive Identification Process
  2.     2) Gaining Consent of Young People & Their Families
  3.     3) Building Relationships through an Intensive Engagement Program
  4.     4) Assessing Young People's Unique Needs
  5.     5) Facilittating Coordinated and Holistic Support
  6.     6) Gradual Transition to Community Supports

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Member Organisations

City of Armadale

Department of Education

Hope Community Services

Save the Children

WA Police

Challis Community Primary School

Cecil Andrews College

Grovelands Primary School

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