Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership

AYIP is an early intervention model which aims to act as the interface between the youth justice system and the community to prevent the need for tertiary intervention. This cross-sector of agencies aims to identify at-risk young people early and provide quality and cohesive services that holistically support a reduction in risk factors and provide them with opportunities to develop and thrive.

The partnership's intention is to work better together through joint training, regular briefings for all staff to ensure a consistent approach, sharing of resources and working together on case management/referral support where practicable. However, without a backbone support this has relied on the goodwill of staff and has at times been adhoc.

AYIP as a part of the Youth Partnerhip Project

In 2016, it was recognised that in order to have maximum impact and outcomes for at-risk young people more work had to be done on information sharing protocols, processes to identify young people early and more partners were required in order to provide a holistic response to young people.

The Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership (AYIP) was chosen by the YPP Executive Committee as a ‘proof point’ project to demonstrate how a targeted and collaborative model can support outcomes for young people with complex needs. It was acknowledged that youth justice continues to be a priority of the South East Metropolitan Regional Managers Forum and AYIP was the most developed collaborative partnership across the local government areas. For this reason, the YPP is working to further develop the AYIP model, with the aim of creating a sustainable and scalable model that can be replicated across the South East Corridor.

To consolidate the AYIP model a co-design process was initiated with young people who are engaged with AYIP partner services, to determine the operational components of the youth intervention model for young people with complex needs in Armadale. This has informed the key objectives of the collaboration.


Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership Operationational Priorities

In 2015,  the Youth Partnership Project's Collaborative Action Networks were consulted on the key barriers and consequent recommendations to create better outcomes for at-risk young people. These recommendations were developed into a Regional Action Plan, and have informed the operational priorities of the AYIP model. 

Information Sharing & Continuous Communication

  • Identify young people at-risk of engaging in the justice system early. 
  • Share crucial information to address needs and concerns in a client-focused and holistic manner 
  • Ensure communication with and between stakeholders, organisations and clients is continuous, purposeful and transparent.


Improve Collaboration & Partnerships 

  • Increase connectedness and alignment of youth partner organisations, including staff working directly with young people and systems that support young people.
  • Support better sharing and access to resources (including human resources) and funding that build collaboration 


Improve Youth Work Standards & Practices

  •  Ensure youth services and organisations have a constant and unified approach that is founded in client-centred holistic practice;
  • Support the continuous improvement in youth work standards to build youth services and organisations that are flexible and responsive. 


Strengthen Relationships with Young People

  •  Ensure young people have a genuine say in services and polices that are developed for them 
  • Provide welcoming, accessible and safe ‘youth spaces’ in the community. 


Build Shared Measurement & Evaluation Systems

  • Create and learn from systems and processes to measure service progress and impact that are understood and implemented by all youth services and organisations

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How AYIP Works

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