Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership

In 2016 the Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership (AYIP) was adopted by the YPP as the ‘proof point project’ demonstrating how a targeted, collaborative and place-based approach, with purposely resourced backbone leadership, can support better outcomes for young people with complex needs an early intervention model which aims to act as the interface between the youth justice system and the community to prevent the need for tertiary engagement.  

AYIP is not ‘another program’; it rethinks the service system and changes the way it operates. The YIP model enables a cross-sector of partners to move beyond programs with isolated impact, to a collaborative approach with a common goal. It is premised on the theory that if we get the right support, to the right young people, at the right time, we will not only create significant savings in expenditure on tertiary services but, more importantly, young people will thrive in their communities.

The Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership achieves its objectives through:

1)  Identification: Support government departments to collaboratively identify young people with complex needs using an agreed matrix, based on cross-departmental indicators.

2)  Consent: Gain consent from family and young person for cross-sector information sharing

3)  Building Relationship: Enable services to build relationship with young people with the most complex needs, through an intensive engagement program using pooled resources

4)  Collaborative Needs Assessment: A needs assessment based on cross-departmental indicators, including psychoeducational needs

5)  Coordinated and Holistic Support: Provide support across six criminogenic needs (social and emotional well-being, life skills, family support, adequate access to resources, education engagement and safe community spaces), using a coordinated cross-sector partnership approach 

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Member Organisations

Armadale Family Support Network

City of Armadale

Department of Education

headspace Armadale

Hope Community Services

Mission Australia

Save the Children

WA Police