"Our mission is to bring together leaders from State Government agencies and the not-for-profit community sector to improve outcomes for all Western Australians through a genuine partnership in the policy, planning and delivery of community services in WA."

The YPP Story

The Youth Partnership Project (YPP) is a strategic project which aims to develop a better youth intervention framework which is effective, aligned, sustainable and scalable. This project aims to engage state government agencies, local government and the not-for-profit community sector to work better together to improve outcomes for young people with complex needs through the planning and delivery of community services, and in doing so provide evidence that improves strategy and policy.

It is premised on the theory that if we get the right support, to the right young people, at the right time, we will not only create significant savings in expenditure on tertiary services but, more importantly, young people will thrive in their communities.

The YPP commenced in 2014 and was a culmination of over two years of collaborative work between community and government entities in the South East Corridor of Perth; driven by the Youth Working Group of the South East Metropolitan Regional Managers Human Services Forum (SEMRMHSF). Save the Children was elected to be the backbone organisation for the project and the Working Group transitioned into the YPP Executive Steering Committee, consisting of representatives of state government departments, local government, non-government service providers and young people. Together we agreed that it is time to change the story of Western Australia’s most vulnerable young people. 

The Youth Partnership Project is not ‘another program’; it rethinks the service system and changes the way it operates.

Using Armadale as a proof of concept, the YPP set out to prove that this collaborative approach can create better outcomes for young people with complex needs. The Armadale Youth Intervention Partnership (AYIP) was adopted by the YPP as the ‘proof point project demonstrating how a targeted, collaborative and place-based approach, with purposely resourced backbone leadership, can support better outcomes for young people with complex needs to get better outcomes, and prevent their engagement with tertiary services. Our model enables a cross-sector of partners to move beyond programs with isolated impact, to a collaborative approach with a common goal.

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Who Are We?

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