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We've come up with a solution to make a better future for Western Australia's most vulnerable young people. It's time to Change the Story.


"Our mission is to bring together leaders from State Government agencies and the not-for-profit community sector to improve outcomes for all Western Australians through a genuine partnership in the policy, planning and delivery of community services in WA."

The YPP Story

The Youth Partnership Project (YPP) commenced in 2014. The establishment of the Project was a culmination of over two years of collaborative work between community and government entities in the South East Corridor Region to address the anti-social and criminal behaviour of young people on the South East Metropolitan train line (the Armadale Train line)*.

The South East Corridor of the metropolitan area of Perth has some of the highest incidents of youth crime, family violence and child neglect. These context-based social problems contribute greatly to the increasing problems of at risk youth throughout the region.

The South East Corridor Youth Partnership Project was established based on consultation with members from the South East Metropolitan Regional Managers Human Services Forum (SEMRMHSF) and has been driven by the South East Metropolitan Youth Working Group, a sub-group of the SEMRMHSF.

The Youth Partnership Project is funded by the Department of Local Government and Communities’ Social Innovations Grant and is supported by key stakeholders, which include central policy agencies, government departments, relevant non-government service providers, as well as the local communities. Save the Children was elected by the SEMRMHSF Youth Working Group to act as the backbone organisation for the project, providing leadership, strategic direction and administrative assistance to the YPP.  

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*For more information on this, please refer to the Save the Children report Identity on the Line, which can be found at


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